• 17 contemporary colours
  • 4 different surface finishes - Granite, Helidon, Pavilion and Artisano
  • Can be laid in curves and different band widths
  • Colours match other paver products


  • 9 contemporary colours
  • Colours match other paver and wall cap products
  • Range includes edge coping unit for steps

  • In excess of 50MPa concrete compressive strength. Most other concrete pavers are only 35MPa +/- 5 MPa
  • Consistent paver thickness exceeds AS/NZS 4456.5
  • Anti-efflorescence treatment minimizes colour lightening
  • Pavers are salt resistant for salt water pools



Granite Cobble in GunmetalGranite Cobble in Gunmetal
Helidon Cobble in Limestone

Product Description and Features:

  • Traditional natural stone look
  • Consistent thickness makes laying easier
  • Granite Cobble’s 400 sq mat allows quicker laying with consistent joint widths
  • Pavilion, Artisano and Helidon Cobbles have 90 x 90 individual units which can be laid in curves and as single features.


Random Stone Pavers and Coping for Steps
Pearl Grey
Random Stone Pavers and Porphyry Stone Wall Caps Pearl Grey


Product Description and Features:

  • A rustic stone textured paver with an informal style.
  • The pavers are sold as a set of 4, all 300 mm wide, with lengths of 200, 250, 300 and 350 mm.
  • The Random Stone Paver is laid in stretcher bond fashion with 300 mm wide courses.
  • The varying lengths of pavers give irregular joint spacing reminiscent of hand hewn stone.
  • The 30 mm thickness makes pavers easier to handle on site.
  • Laying in courses is simple with no complicated pattern to be followed.
  • There is a matching 350 deep coping unit for steps.


  • Random Stone pavers are best laid on a concrete slab with a 5 mm mortar joint but they can be butt jointed.
  • Refer to the Stone Directions Paver Laying Guide for more installation instructions


200 x 300 x30
250 x 300 x30
300 x 300 x30
350 x 300 x30
350L x 300W
(300 long edges are textured)

How to Specify:

When specifying Stone Directions’ pavers it is important to accurately refer to all of the following features:

Stone Directions - Surface Finish - Product Type - Size - Colour - Product Code

eg. Stone Directions, Helidon, Paver, 400 x 400, Limestone colour, Code No. HP4040LS

eg. Stone Directions, Pavilion, Square Edged Coping, 350D x 400L, Latte colour, Code No. PSE3540LA

The tables below show the relevant product type, size and colour for each paver style.

If you must allow for different brands of pavers it is important to specify the following basic standards to ensure that other pavers being considered are of a comparable standard to Stone Directions:

  1. Pavers must have a concrete compressive strength in excess of 50MPa.
  2. Pavers must be manufactured using wet cast technology.
  3. Pavers must have a thickness consistency of no more than +/- 2.5 mm.
  4. Pavers must have a plan size consistency of no more than +/- 3.0 mm.
  5. Pavers must be given an effective pre-delivery anti-efflorescence treatment.
  6. The colour must be equivalent to the specified Stone Directions colour.
  7. Formal style pavers must not have an edge with a bevel or rounding of greater than 2 mm.

Product Style

Product Type





Product Code

Random Stone


4 pavers = 1 set
300W x 1100L


Pearl Grey

Body Paver


Random Stone


350W x 300L


Pearl Grey



Porphyry Stone


150W x 500L


Pearl Grey

Wall Capping


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